Agreement Klean




  1. CANCELLATION POLICY: If in the event you need to reschedule, skip, add to, or cancel your service, we ask that clients give 48 hours’ notice. Without 48 hours’ notice, the client will be charged a $50 fee. Cancellations on the same day of service for any reason will be charged at the full rate of service. All cancellations must be made through our office.
  1. DEPOSIT: All deposits are nonrefundable. Your deposit goes toward your final balance. We require a permanent deposit for all new clients at the time of the signed agreement. 
  1. HOLIDAYS: We are closed for holidays listed below:
    • Memorial Day
    • 4th of July* *
    • Thanksgiving Day / Black Friday
    • Christmas Eve / Christmas Day
    • New Year’s Eve / New Year’s Day

 ** Can be change depending on the date**

 ADD-ONS: Add-ons or changes to your service plan must be submitted, 48 – hours prior to your appointment. Please know that any changes and or add ons to your existing agreement will have a change in price. This may also cause a change in your current scheduled day depending on the added hours of cleaning should the add ons require additional hours (more than 2) to your schedule.

  1. DAMAGE If we see anything during our time at your home, we will take pictures/videos and note it on your account, and we will send you pictures by text message or email prior to start time. We are not responsible for pre-existing damage, loosely hanging items and shelves that have not been properly secured to the wall, or damage due to the use of cleaning products our clients ask us to use (a waiver must be signed if you the client are requesting specific products not part of our cleaning product list). Please point out items which are irreplaceable due to sentimental or monetary value as we would prefer to avoid touching them. If there are any issues, please call us immediately so we can fix it or alert our insurance company. The company will only accept any claims or inquiries about damage up to 24 hours after the home has been cleaned.

We are not liable for any damage to shower doors/glass surrounds, windows, mirrors, picture frames etc. If improperly installed glass can come out of the frame and shatter, the frame falls off the wall, window/door comes off the runners/glides/hinges etc and smashes to the ground. The rubber seals on frames and the fasteners holding the glass together / to the wall etc. can wear out, weaken, become brittle, strip out of the wall/areas holding the glass/frame together or attached to a surface etc. over time.

Also, sometimes if the glass has any type of defect, it will be more susceptible to breaking/shattering. We do not use anything abrasive or apply too much pressure to cause any damage.

  1. ROOM NO PICKED UP? We require all rooms to be picked up in order to start the cleaning. If one of the cleaning crews finds a very messy room, we will text you to determine if you would like to pay extra or skip the room.
  1. PET – FRIENDLY: We are a pet – friendly company and most of our workers love pets, and we can work well with them. However, on some occasions, we may require pets not to be present when a service is being rendered.
  1. WATER/ELECTRICITY: In the event that there is no water or electricity running through your property at the time of your scheduled cleaning, we will do our best to work with what we can and there will still be a full charge on the cost of the cleaning. You can also cancel the cleaning if you wish, but there will be a 50% cancellation fee.
  1. EARTHQUAKE: If there is an Earthquake at the time of our cleaning, we are not responsible for any damages caused by the earthquake.
  1. PAYMENTS: Payments are due at the time of service. Any late payments will result in a late fee of $25 for every 3rd day that the payment is late. Fees will stop accumulating once the service plus fees have been paid. No partial payments are accepted.

We accept cash, CHECK to Klean Inc

PAYPAL ( please use the link friend and family to avoid any fee.


 If you have any issues, please text me or call the office, to make sure we have measures in place to avoid conflicts. 

  • GUARANTEE: If for whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied with your cleaning, we will come back and re-clean the area in question. You have 24 hours from the time our team leaves your house to report any cleaning NO CASH refunds are given. 
  • SKIP CLEANINGS: If the client is serviced weekly and skips 2 cleanings in a row, the client will need to pay the bi-weekly rate for the next weekly cleaning. If the client is serviced bi-weekly and skips 2 cleaning in a row the client will pay the monthly rate for their next cleaning. If the client is serviced every 4 weeks and skips the cleaning will be charged for an initial deep cleaning for the next cleaning.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in sending me a text or give me a call at 410-858-5620 or sending me an email to 

IN WITNESS to their agreement to these terms, the client and contractor sign below:


NAME: _________________________


DATE: __________________________

THIS AGREEMENT is Not a contract and will not be treated as such. Either party is welcome to cancel the service agreement at any time as long as they are in compliance with our cancellation policy and give a 30-day notice of service cancellation request. The permanent deposit will be used for the last cleaning after a date is set for termination of services.